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Biocarbon Webinar: Farmers Adapting to New Risks in a Changing Climate


Agriculture is a major presence on the Southeastern landscape and across our economy. For example, in North Carolina, livestock agriculture delivers 50% of agricultural revenues. Agriculture can also be a significant source of greenhouse gases, including methane from animal manure, and nitrous oxide from fertilization of field crops. What is less widely known is that agriculture can also be a huge help in drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back in the soil where we need it. More importantly, there are myriad ways in which agricultural practices can adapt to changing climate, brace for risks, and cushion against severe weather events, while also improving their “climate footprint”.

The following two speakers will explain an important USDA effort in this vein, and share examples of ways farmers are adapting to these growing risks.

Dr Steve McNulty, USDA, Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH)
Dr Laura Lengnick, professor, Warren Wilson College, author of “Resilient Agriculture: Cultivating Food Systems for a Changing Climate.”

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What: Webinar

When: Jul 8 2014, Tue 12:00-1:30pm

Where: Google Hangout

John Bonitz