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Biocarbon Webinar: Forest Carbon & Sustainable Biomass Harvests


Forests have been called the lungs of the planet. Maintaining forested landscapes as forest (and preventing land-use change to sprawl or agriculture) is crucial to climate mitigation (as well as a host of other ecosystem services). Carbon credits are one idea to help incentivize woodland owners to keep their forests as forests. Adding biomass harvests to management plans that already include timber harvest is another way to add incremental support to the economics of woodland ownership.

Two speakers will help us explore and better understand the complexities of forest carbon science, woodland ownership, economic choices, and sustainable removals of biomass and logging residues.Dr Mark Megalos, Forestry Extensionist, NCSU.
Dr Alexander Evans, Research Director, Forest Guild.

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What: Webinar

When: Jul 17 2014, Thu 12:00-1:30pm

Where: Google Hangout

John Bonitz