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Protect SC’s Waters From Coal Ash: Stop the Pollution Amnesty Act!



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Tell Your State Senators
to Oppose the Pollution Amnesty Act!

We hoped South Carolina would learn from neighboring disasters in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee that poorly managed coal ash impoundments cause our neighbors tragedy and trauma. The recent Dan River disaster should be a wake-up call for lawmakers to protect our communities and waterways from this toxic pollution. Instead, the South Carolina House recently passed a bill that would protect Duke Energy from cleaning up coal ash pollution under state law. The bill has passed the house and could be called for a vote in the Senate any day now.

H. 3925, also known as the Pollution Amnesty Act, prevents citizens from filing lawsuits under the SC Pollution Control Act. This misguided bill essentially gives amnesty for past, unpermitted pollution. To settle similar suits, Santee Cooper and SCE&G voluntarily agreed to move their ash out of polluting dumpsites to new, lined, dry landfills away from rivers.

South Carolina has been on the right path to reducing the threat of this toxic legacy. Let’s keep it that way and preserve all legal pathways to eliminate pollution to our rivers and drinking water supplies.

Send a message to and call your State Senators NOW, telling them to keep H. 3925 out of the Senate and that you want South Carolina’s rivers and drinking water protected from this toxic legacy!


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