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Tell Your Legislators to Strengthen the Coal Ash management Act of 2014!



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Take Action TODAY: Tell North Carolina Legislators

to Strengthen the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014!


For years all of Duke Energy’s coal ash dumpsites have been polluting North Carolina’s waters and threatening communities. Prompted by the Dan River disaster, Legislators proposed Senate Bill 729, the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 to address NC’s coal ash problems. While we applaud the efforts to craft this bill language, it does not go nearly far enough to protect our communities and waterways from the ongoing dangers of coal ash. While it has been called a “clean up bill”, SB 729 does not actually guarantee clean up of 10 polluting and dangerous coal ash sites across the state and won’t provide protection for those downstream communities.

Please take action NOW to ask that they fix some of the biggest problems with this bill.

A few of the most concerning provisions are:

• A directive for the Governor to appoint a coal ash commission that would be responsible for coming up with many of the details missing from the bill. There are no guidelines for ensuring balance and fair representation of stakeholder interests on such a commission. We believe that at least 50% of the members need to be residents of communities impacted by coal ash.

• A vague ranking system that NC DENR and the commission would create to determine which sites are fully cleaned up and which sites are capped and left in place. Capping does not prevent chronic water pollution and would not have prevented the Dan River disaster.

• Only requiring full removal and clean up at four NC coal ash sites. We believe that, at a minimum, the bill should require full clean up of three additional priority sites at the Buck, Cape Fear and Lee power plants.

• NC DENR will have the authority under this bill to decide the future of NC’s coal ash sites, even though this is the same agency that failed to enforce the law and protect the public for years, leading up to the Dan River disaster. NC DENR seems more concerned with protecting Duke’s interests than those of the public and is currently under federal criminal investigation for misconduct in regards to Duke’s coal ash.

Send your message NOW and demand comprehensive action to clean up all coal ash dumpsites across the state!

This bill is moving very quickly and could come for a final vote at any time. Call and send your message to your elected officials NOW, asking them to fix this problem bill or at the very least to return it to the original Senate version!


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