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The Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy


Wind energy has the opportunity to improve the economy while producing reliable, clean, renewable energy that is able to meet growing energy demands. In order for the wind industry to continue to grow, there must be stable and dependable federal policies. The Production Tax Credit (PTC) has greatly helped expand the wind industry by providing cost-effective wind to energy users, creating strong incentives for wind energy, and generating a more equitable cost-competitive energy market.

Yet, Congress allowed the tax credit to expire at the end of 2014, creating instability in the wind industry and placing thousands of American jobs at risk. The fact sheets below provide more information about how the PTC works as well as it’s historically wide bipartisan support.

The Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy 101:

Click here to learn more about the PTC’s key role in developing wind energy, providing American jobs, and driving private investment.

10 Reasons Conservatives Support the Production Tax Credit:

Over the years, the PTC has been upheld by broad bipartisan support; however, recent attacks on the wind industry have focused on ignoring the history of strong conservative support for the PTC. Click here to learn about 10 reasons Conservatives support the PTC.