SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit – Climate Panel


Oceans soak up more than 90% of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases, and absorb 1/3 of the carbon dioxide that is causing global warming. As the oceans warm and ice sheets melt, sea level rise is a major threat to coastal cities. What’s more, carbon dioxide pollution is causing ocean acidification, having dramatic effects on marine life.

The good news is that we have solutions to deal with climate change and create jobs. But the imperative is to act now. Not only do we have solutions but if we act now, we can spur a clean energy transformation that will bring a new economy with it. In this panel discussion we will provide an overview of both the effects of climate change and the solutions to avoid the worst impacts.

Speakers include:
Susan Glickman, Florida Director, SACE
Chris Delp, Renewable Energy Lawyer & Corporate Counsel, Office for the General Counsel, Wind Turbine & Energy Cables Corporation
David Hastings, Marine Science and Chemistry at Eckerd College
Darden Rice, City Council Member, St. Petersburg City Council

Learn more about this panel, and the other happenings at the Blue Ocean Film Festival:

When: Nov 7 2014, Fri 8:30am - 9:15pm

Where: Hilton (Grand Bay Ballroom)
333 1st Street South, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701