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Plant Vogtle Construction Monitoring Hearing at the Georgia Public Service Commission


Credit: High Flyer

A public hearing on the 11th semi-annual Vogtle Construction Monitoring (VCM) report (docket 29849) will be held at the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) on Tuesday, December 16. The PSC needs to hear your concerns!

The two water-guzzling Vogtle reactors under construction are at least 21 months delayed and significantly over-budget. In fact, testimony from the PSC witnesses cannot predict when the reactors will be completed or what the final costs may be. And as the project is further delayed, the costs will increase – with estimates of $2 million per day. Over $1 billion has already been collected from Georgia Power customers in advance due to the anti-consumer state legislation, Georgia’s “nuclear tax.”

Ratepayers are already shouldering costs for this risky project and now there’s no telling how much worse it could get. In 2014, the average household paid nearly $75 just to cover the financing costs associated with the new reactors – with similar amounts expected in 2015. Find out how much you pay each month for Georgia’s “nuclear tax” by clicking here. The PSC Commissioners need to hear from Georgia Power utility customers about their concerns. Find information and talking points here.

What: Hearing

When: Dec 16 2014, Tue 10:30am

Where: Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) Hearing Room
244 Washington Street, SW, Atlanta, GA, 30334-9052

Sara Barczak