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Two of our Southern Communities Lauded as Climate Champions


SACE is proud to share the news that two of our Southeastern communities – Knoxville (home of SACE our headquarters) and Broward County, Florida – recently found themselves listed among the country’s 16 Climate Action Champions.

SACE 9.6kW solar PV system at Knoxville headquarters

SACE 9.6kW solar PV system at Knoxville headquarters.

Both Knoxville and Broward County are recognized for their lofty emissions reductions goals: Knoxville has instituted a planning process that engages various stakeholders in order to reach the city’s short-term greenhouse gas emission reduction target (20% below 2005 levels by 2020). Broward County’s emissions reduction target is 2% per year: meaning an 80% reduction by 2050! Broward County, along with Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties, is a participant in the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, which aims to foster sustainability and climate resilience for Southeastern Florida.

One of the benefits of being selected as a Climate Action Champion is that the White House is assigning a federal coordinator to each community to help them meet their targets and ensure that the federal government does what it can to support the communities’ climate plans. Additionally, Knoxville and Broward County are now eligible for peer-to-peer learning and mentoring with the other Climate Action Champions through regional roundtables, and emergency response exercises organized by FEMA and the National Security Council.

Electric vehicle charging stations in SACE Knoxville parking lot - free to the public!”

Electric vehicle charging stations in SACE Knoxville parking lot.

SACE is proud to call Knoxville home and to support our great city’s efforts to become more resilient in the face of a changing world. Our office boasts a 9.6kW PV solar power system, which pumps roughly 12,000 kilowatts annually into the TVA grid. We also have two EV charging stations on site in our parking lot, which are available, FREE, to the general public.

We are especially excited to continue pushing Knoxville, Broward County, and our entire region further forward toward climate resiliency!