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New polls: Americans love solar more than any other type of energy


Two new polls show that support for renewables is on the rise across demographic divides.

“A more subtle predictor was in the fact that the biggest support of solar’s importance for the future came from the South, where there has not yet been much solar development and the economics are not as strong.

“People are aware of sunshine, insolation, as a resource and they understand that it is something they can use to their benefit,” explained SolarCity Communications Vice President Jonathan Bass. “The lack of adoption is because solar is not really available to them. Three of the six states that don’t have net metering are in the Deep South. But there is a lot of support because it is a natural resource and an advantage they have over other parts of the country.”

The implication is the South wants solar to be available and will turn to it when it is.”

Originally published on April 15, 2015