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The Nuclear War Against The Future: New Report To Detail Futility Of Industry Efforts To Block “21st Century Electricity System” In U.S.


Ground Zero: Nuclear Push to Change EPA Clean Power Plan and Bids in Illinois, Ohio and New York For Special State Bailout Subsidies to Prop Up Uneconomic Reactors.

WASHINGTON, D.C///NEWS ADVISORY/// Propping up the aging and uneconomic U.S. nuclear power industry with preferential treatment in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plan and proposed subsidy bailout arrangements in Illinois, Ohio, and New York State will not save the “20th century” approach to electricity generation from being overtaken by “the emerging 21st Century decentralized model” relying on renewables, energy efficiency, and enhanced technology, according to a new report by Mark Cooper, senior fellow for economic analysis, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School.

In his new paper, “POWER SHIFT: The Deployment of a 21st Century Electricity Sector and the Nuclear War to Stop It,” Cooper offers a comprehensive evaluation of the ongoing development of the 21st century electricity system. The paper will show that the “Nuclear War Against the Future” launched by nuclear utilities can only delay the inevitable and impose billions of dollars of unnecessary costs on consumers.

Cooper examines such industry efforts as preferential rules (e.g., changes to the EPA Clean Power Plan), pushing anti-renewable legislation in state legislatures, and seeking special bailout arrangements (e.g., five reactors in Illinois, Davis-Besse in Ohio, and Ginna in New York State).

Cooper is the author of “Renaissance in Reverse: Competition Pushes Aging U.S. Nuclear Reactors to the Brink of Economic Abandonment,” a 2013 report identifying the 38 most at-risk reactors in the United States.

News event speakers will be:

– Dr. Mark Cooper, senior fellow for economic analysis, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School; an

– Stephen Thomas, professor of Energy Policy, Public Services International Research Unit, Business School, University of Greenwich (UK).

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