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Tell the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) that you support maintaining and expanding policies that allow for solar development in Florida!

It is vital that the PSC permit access to solar power for more Floridians, giving consumers more freedom to chose how to power their homes and businesses.

The Sunshine State has a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of clean, renewable energy from the sun, yet this potential remains largely untapped. Although Florida is ranked 3rd nationally for rooftop solar potential, and has the best solar resource east of the Mississippi, less than 1/10th of 1% of the state’s energy comes from solar. Florida pales in comparison to neighboring Southern states like Georgia and North Carolina – both of which are on track to install more than 4 times as much solar as Florida by the end of 2016.

Make your voice heard, and submit comments to the PSC by Tuesday, June 23rd.

Right now, 62% of Florida’s electricity comes from natural-gas plants, up from 44% in 2007. Given our state’s serious over-reliance on natural gas, it’s more important than ever that solar be allowed to fairly compete.

Tell the Florida Public Service Commission to act now, and:

1) Protect net metering, which allows solar customers to feed electricity they don’t use back into the power grid, preserving the right of all Floridians to install solar panels on their homes and businesses without being subject to punitive fees and charges by power companies.

2) Allow Florida residents to save money on their electricity bills through third-party sales of solar power, where solar businesses pay for and install solar systems on individual properties and sell the electricity generated to the customer at a fixed rate.

3) Move our state away from expensive and polluting new fossil fuel and nuclear power plants by integrating cost-effective solar energy instead.

Comments are due at the PSC by 5pm on Tuesday, June 23rd. Send yours to Lee Eng Tan, Senior Attorney, Office of the General Counsel via email at

Won’t you join us in the effort to grow solar in the Sunshine State? Send in your comments today!


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