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Follow Google’s lead on use of renewable energy


“The message in this for Alabama is that Google, as well as other technology companies, have seen the future. The push for cleaner, renewable energy sources will only continue to grow as concerns about global warming and water scarcity grow, too.

Policymakers and lawmakers in Alabama would be well advised to get in front of this trend and begin offering incentives to companies working to create renewable energy technology. These are job-growth sectors that will only get stronger in time.

TVA is slowly scaling back the use of coal in its power plants. It is exploring ways to bring more renewable sources into it energy generation mix. It’s likely coal will remain the workhorse of power generation for the foreseeable future, but renewable and greener sources of energy will rise as coal declines.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Alabama was the leader in the Southeastern states in something other than football?”

Originally posted June 28, 2015