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SACE Statement Regarding Utilities’ Attack on Solar Choice in the Sunshine State


Utilities call in political favors to file dubious claims against solar amendment

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Tallahassee, Fla. (June 30, 2015) – Legal briefs related to the proposed solar ballot amendment in Florida were filed today with the Florida Supreme Court. Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s executive director, Dr. Stephen A. Smith, issued this statement in response to today’s filings:

“The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is disappointed but not surprised that monopoly utilities in the state of Florida are calling in favors as part of their well-orchestrated campaign against solar in the Sunshine State.

The utilities are clearly cashing in on political contributions to Attorney General Pam Bondi; their political connections as board members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce; and their relationships with shill organizations like the National Black Chamber of Commerce, which dubiously claims to represent the interests of the African American community when, in fact, they are on the payroll of energy industry groups like Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and Exxon.

The real question is, why do Florida’s monopoly utilities oppose customer choice, energy innovation and clean solar power in the Sunshine State? It appears they are blinded by their financial interests and fail to see the larger public interests and their customers’ desire for solar choice. Unfortunately, this is the root cause for the developing “David and Goliath” campaign against solar power in the Sunshine State.”

For more information and background on SACE’s research about these opposition efforts, please see today’s blog written by Susan Glickman, SACE’s Florida director.


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