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SC Businesses Call on Governor Haley to Oppose Offshore Drilling


Contact: Alice Morrisey, Don’t Drill SC – Lowcountry; 843-442-5778;


COLUMBIA, SC – Today a group of business owners and business associations delivered a letter from a growing list of more than 400 businesses throughout South Carolina opposing drilling for oil and gas off South Carolina’s coast. The business leaders called on Governor Haley to withdraw South Carolina from the federal government’s plans for offshore drilling.

“We call on Governor Haley to make sure that South Carolina is not included in the federal government’s near-term plans for drilling,” Robert Barber, owner of Bowens Island Restaurant, said.

Peg Howell, a petroleum engineer and owner of Howell Consulting Group, said, “I chose to move to the South Carolina coast for my business because of the quality of life here. When harm comes to our coast, as it has at every other coast where oil and gas have been developed, people won’t locate new-economy businesses here.”

Frank Knapp, President of South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, said, “Coastal tourism in South Carolina is a small business industry. Offshore seismic testing and drilling is a threat to our thriving coastal tourism economy. That kind of industry is simply incompatible with what attracts our tourists—great beaches, natural wetlands, wildlife, sport fishing and unique and historic coastal cities and towns.”

“People come to the coast for our unique quality of life and for our special places. Those people don’t want to buy houses or rent houses in an industrial area, where there has been a spill, or even where there is the perception of a spill. We need to think about property values,” Sandra Bundy, a realtor from B&P Inc. in Murrells Inlet, said.

Rick Baumann, founder of Murrells Inlet Seafood, said, “It is time for our politicians to hear this loud cacophony of voices. If they heard what I heard in 2010, that people did not want anything from the Gulf of Mexico because of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, they would change their mind about drilling.”

“Nature-based tourism relies on our coastal waters remaining Class I Wilderness Area quality, and therefore offshore drilling would pose a detrimental threat to this important economy,” said Kathie Livingston of the South Carolina Nature-Based Tourism and Paddlesports Industries Associations.
More than 25 coastal communities including Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Beaufort, have passed resolutions against offshore drilling. The US Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management considers governors’ positions on offshore drilling when deciding which states to include in offshore drilling plans.


Don’t Drill SC-Lowcountry is a citizen-led non-partisan grassroots movement to protect South Carolina’s spectacular coastline from offshore drilling.