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Public Comments Needed: Georgia Power Integrated Resource Planning Hearing

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GA-clean-energy-01In January, Georgia Power Company, the state’s largest utility, filed a new Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the Georgia Public Service Commission. The IRP is Georgia Power’s 20 year energy supply plan that must be approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission every three years. This long-term plan informs and guides the resources used to meet the energy needs of its customers.

In the 2016 plan, Georgia Power proposes a modest new market-based renewables program called the Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI), which would include new solar, wind and/or biomass projects. While at first glance, the REDI program appears to be good news, the proposal actually results in a reduction in the growth rate of renewable projects by the Company in recent years.

Not only does the plan cut the growth of renewable energy, it flat-lines their energy efficiency programs that help families save money and prioritizes old, dirty and expensive coal-fired power plants to meet any future demand for electricity.

Please attend one of the upcoming hearings on the plan before the Georgia Public Service Commission. Georgia Power’s IRP has far-reaching implications for Georgians and your voice needs to be heard.

Public comments will be heard on May 17, and June 8 beginning at 10am. For specific questions, please contact

What: Hearing

When: Jun 8 2016, Wed 10:00am

Where: Georgia Public Service Commission
244 Washington St. 1st floor hearing room, Atlanta, Georgia

Anne Blair