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Join SACE for the Nukes and Water Webinar 4/18


Titled “Abusing our Waters: Nuclear Power Threats to Water and Ecosystems” this webinar is Part 4 in our #NuclearIsDirty Project series. Register to attend by clicking here.

Power plants are the largest abusers of water resources in the U.S., consuming trillions of gallons of water per day. Nuclear reactors are the most water-intensive form of power generation, consuming even more water than coal, per unit of energy generated. In many cases, a single power plant consumes more water than an entire major city, such as Atlanta or New York City.

This abuse of rivers, lakes and oceans is one of nuclear power’s most overlooked problems in relation to climate change. Not only is nuclear unsustainable, it is inconsistent with societal needs in the face of a warming climate. Problems of water scarcity, declining fish populations, and fragile aquatic ecosystems are all made worse by the extraordinary amounts of water consumed by nuclear reactors.

Three leading activists will shed light on the impacts nuclear power plants have on rivers, lakes, oceans, and drinking water resources (speaker bios below):

  • Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear
  • Sara Barczak of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE)
  • Tim Judson of Nuclear Information and Resource Service

The presentations will be followed by Q&A and discussions. The webinar will be recorded and posted online, for those who are unable to attend the webinar. If you are unable to view the webinar on your computer, but would like to listen in for audio only, please contact for a conference call phone number and code.

What: Webinar

When: Apr 18 2016, Mon 3:00pm


Sara Barczak