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Kingsport City Schools on track to exceed energy, utilities savings goals over four-year period


“Kingsport City Schools’ 2012 upgrades for energy efficiency and utilities have exceeded expectations and a guarantee, according to the company that managed a $5.1 million program implemented almost four years ago… the program is more than on track to have $6 million in utilities savings over 15 years, assuming a 3 percent inflation of utility costs per unit, and $3 million in maintenance and capital improvement plan savings.

“Put in environmental benefits terms, McCoy said that meeting the guarantee would save 4.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to operated 400 homes a year; 6 million gallons of water, enough to fill 120,000 bath tubs; and reduce carbon emissions by 3,642 pounds, the equivalent of taking 632 cars off the roads.”

Originally published on May 17, 2016.