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Early Voting has begun around the Southeast!


When you vote early, you can choose the time and day that fits your schedule and avoid long lines on Election Day. If you agree it’s critical for leaders to take action on climate change and promote clean energy jobs and development here in the Southeast, look for your state’s information below and make a plan to vote early!

Our recent blog series “Where the Candidates Stand On Energy Issues” may help you gain an understanding of where the four major presidential candidates stand and two gubernatorial candidates in North Carolina stand on key energy issues. Find that series online here.

Many counties in Florida are now open for in-person early voting through November 5, which is offered at the discretion of each county’s Supervisor of Elections. You can find more information on early voting dates, times and locations by county here.

Georgia offers early (Advanced) in-person voting for two weeks before the election (October 17 — November 4). Early voting hours vary by county in Georgia, with detailed information available here.

North Carolina
North Carolina offers “one-stop early voting” beginning October 20 and ending on November 5. Registered voters are able to vote early at all county board of elections offices during regular office hours and at other one-stop sites. Information about early voting locations and hours can be found here.

South Carolina
In South Carolina, you may visit the county voter registration office in your county of residence, complete an application, and vote absentee in person up until 5:00 p.m. on the day before the election. Information about voting early and locations can be found here.

To vote early in Tennessee, you can go either to your county election commission office or to a satellite voting location between October 19 – Nov 3. Details regarding times and early voting locations are available here.