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Georgia Public Service Commissioners to Decide on Increasing Costs for New Plant Vogtle Nuclear Reactors



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On December 20, the Georgia Public Service Commissioners will decide whether to put utility customers on the hook for cost increases while rewarding Georgia Power and its partners for the bungled expansion of nuclear Plant Vogtle. The Commissioners are considering a settlement that approves all costs spent-to-date ($3.68 billion) on the two reactors and pre-approval of an additional $2 billion in yet-to-be-spent capital costs. Watch a new TV INTERVIEW with SACE staff here.

The PSC Commissioners need to hear from Georgia Power customers about this out-of-control nuclear boondoggle!


Photo courtesy of High Flyer.

Despite having only 36 percent of construction complete more than seven years into the project, the water-intensive Vogtle reactors along the Savannah River are likely 45-months delayed and Georgia Power’s estimated costs have increased by over $2 billion.

Once-projected “benefits” have completely disappeared. Since 2011, over $1.8 billion has been collected from Georgia Power customers for financing costs charged in advance due to anti-consumer state legislation.

Now a proposed settlement offers Georgia Power a sweetheart deal – Vogtle’s costs will increase significantly and the majority of the burden will fall on the Company’s customers, not shareholders.

The PSC Commissioners need to hear from you TODAY! Find more information here. Help spread this action on social media by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

Contact the Commissioners before December 20, 2016 and reference “Docket#29849 – Vogtle Supplemental Information Report.”

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