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The Southeast Has an Energy Problem, and Minorities Are Hit the Hardest


“The Southeast has the highest rates of energy poverty of any region in the country, a situation compounded by its comparative lack of initiatives to address the many effects that stem from that fact. High clusters of poverty in the Southeast, coupled with the lack of disposable income to cover home improvements such as weatherization, forces low-income families already living in financial poverty to experience a disproportionately high monthly expenditure on energy. Yet recent non-profit, community-based, and governmental cooperative efforts, like the current one taking place in Memphis, Tennessee, are aiming to tackle that disparity. The Memphis City Council has taken notice of the exorbitant effects high energy burdens have had on its residents and implemented a community-based approach to increase weatherization for little to no cost for its poorest residents in a remarkably short turnaround.”

Originally published February 24, 2017.