SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Joann Hill

Memphis Energy Efficiency Organizer


joanne-hillJoann joined SACE in July of 2017 as an Energy Organizer. She works primarily promoting low-income energy efficiency programs such as Memphis Light Gas and Water’s Share the Pennies Program and most recently joined our Memphis Has The Power team. Joann excels in community engagement activities. She is a dedicated energy organizer and community leader who have provided much support in hosting over thirty community engagement activities in such a short time.

Prior to working at SACE, Joann brings over 35 years of human services, customer service, supervisory and records management skills. She was the Customer Service Lead Representative with US Food Services. She has worked for Federal Express, UT Medical Group, Inc., and the United States Postal Service.

Currently, Joann is President of Old Hickory Hills Neighborhood Association, a member of

Memphis Light Gas and Water’s Neighborhood Advisory Council, and Patient Advisory Council for UT Health Center.

Joann has two children, several grandchildren, and is a proud great-grandmother!