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iconclimateaction.png Climate Action Strategies
iconcleanenergy.png Clean Energy
iconcleanfuel.png Clean Fuels/Transportation
iconenergyefficiency.png Energy Efficiency
iconhighriskenergy.png High Risk Energy Choices

Through the support of our members and allies, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy:

  • Works to find clean energy solutions to help reduce the impact of Global Climate Change.
  • Identifies problems and creates effective, real-world solutions through our experience in promoting healthy communities throughout the Southeast.
  • Builds bridges among environmental, business, agricultural and governmental interests that affect our overall quality of life.
  • Works directly with diverse stakeholders and industries on energy issues affecting the region.
  • Promotes policy change through education and outreach to improve public health, the environment and the economy.

The nation’s growing interest and awareness of energy issues and climate change has quickly increased opportunities for SACE to work toward its mission. Recent large-scale energy-related catastrophes, like the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico or the Dan River coal ash spill in North Carolina, have made our work even more imperative. The clean energy economy is steadily growing and the Southeast has the opportunity to help lead the way.

We invite you to join us in the movement toward a cleaner, safer Southeast by becoming a member of SACE, attending events in your area, adapting your own environmentally-sound lifestyle choices, and engaging with your community and state officials on how we can all choose to make our region and nation a cleaner living place now and for generations to come.