SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Amplifying the Voices of Members and Allies for Climate Action


Throughout the past decade, as the link between carbon pollution and climate impacts has become increasingly clear, SACE has prioritized efforts to mitigate vulnerability by reducing carbon emissions. SACE actively engages with decision makers from federal, state and local governments to expose the threats and highlight the opportunities climate change brings to our region, and empowers new allies from key constituencies in the climate fight, especially from along our vulnerable coastline and diverse communities.

In 2006, SACE spearheaded the Southeast Coastal Climate Network (SECCN), the first-ever regional network to foster leadership in addressing the challenges climate change poses to coastal areas. SECCN now includes more than 55 organizations and represents thousands of concerned citizens and leaders from Maryland to Louisiana. In collaboration with Architecture 2030, SACE produced a series of sea-level rise maps to graph
ically illustrate how climate change may literally leave many of our coastal cities underwater before the end of this century. We have incorporated these maps into English- and Spanish-language videos, and use them to educate coastal residents throughout our region.

Over the past three years, SACE has also worked diligently to engage political and faith leaders from communities of color, and share our message that climate change and energy justice issues are directly related to social justice and poverty. We highlight the health and economic risks that communities of color face from climate change, as well as the benefits that these communities can realize by embracing energy efficiency and clean energy.Ultimately, we believe that a national limit on carbon pollution is the most direct and effective tool to combat climate change. To support meaningful climate policies, SACE engages in nonpartisan advocacy efforts and brings technical and programmatic expertise directly to decision makers. Over the past few years, SACE has held more than 300 meetings with congressional leaders and their staff, and mobilized allies from both coastal and minority communities to bring their voices directly to Washington, D.C.

SACE staff played a key role in state-level climate proceedings in the Carolinas and Florida by serving on state-sponsored climate commissions. Due to our efforts, in conjunction with our allies in the region, many congressional representatives from the Southeast did support the climate legislation that passed the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009. Having political leaders from the Southeast support climate action represents a notable shift from past attitudes; SACE will continue to build on our successful advocacy and outreach to decision makers in order to ensure we are a respected voice and a trusted resource when climate policy is debated again.