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May 2017

Are you a SACE member? For as little as $15, you can help move clean energy and energy efficiency forward in the Southeast. Join us today and help secure a healthier planet for future generations. 1. The Sunshine State is finally on its way to becoming the “Solar State.” 2. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Demand for Renewable Energy 3. Open Letter About the [ MORE » ]

April 2017

  Happy Earth Month – April is Earth Month and now more than ever, we need to stand strong for a healthy planet. Despite recent actions by the Trump administration to roll back federal climate and environmental regulations, our nation cannot give up on facts and our responsibility to provide a clean, healthy future for generations to come. Help us do just that by [ MORE » ]

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March 2017

  Spring…already? We’d be remiss to not mention the unusually warm winter we’re having this year. SACE staff has been taking note and so are many climate and weather experts, calling it a “false spring.” Climate Central reports that spring arrived up to 28 days earlier in the Southeast. What are you experiencing in your community? Share photos and stories with us on social [ MORE » ]

February 2017

1. Lynn Evans Becomes First African American Woman to Lead TVA Board 2. Regulators Approve Billions in Cost Increases for Southern Company’s Delayed Plant Vogtle Reactors 3. Top 3 Southeastern Coal Ash Stories to Follow in 2017 4. Atlantic Seismic Blasting Permits Defeated   1. Lynn Evans Becomes First African American Woman to Lead TVA Board Historic appointment is “a ‘first’ on three fronts” [ MORE » ]

Wind energy creates jobs. Photos from NREL.

December 2016

    1. TVA: The Time to Contract for Clean Line’s Wind Power is Now 2. SACE leaders in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee reflect on 2016 3. How Chattanooga is connecting renewable energy, transit and electric cars 4. In climate news, 2016 is breaking records in all the wrong places   1. TVA: The Time to Contract for Clean Line’s Wind Power [ MORE » ]

November 2016

  1. Sunshine State voters reject anti-solar Amendment 1 2. Spotlight Shines on Extreme Energy Burdens in Memphis, TN 3. Another NC Coal Ash Spill is a Warning to Southeastern States 4. Proposed Agreement Would Reward Southern Company for Vogtle Reactors   1. Floridians REJECT anti-solar Amendment 1! Grassroots victory for bi-partisan coalition We are excited to announce that Florida voters rejected the deceptive, [ MORE » ]

October 2016

  1. 2016 Elections only a month away 2. Support clean energy today 3. Utilities: Don’t wait. Buy wind power now 4. gets an upgrade   1. 2016 Elections only a month away SACE profiles presidential candidates on energy issues With the 2016 Presidential election less than a month away, SACE staff has reviewed all four major party candidates’ views on key energy [ MORE » ]

September 2016

  1. Solar Victory in the Sunshine State 2. Join SACE for Drive Electric Events 3. Engaging on Energy: Nuclear Not a Climate Solution 4. Wind Energy Leases Offered for Outer Banks, NC   1. Solar Victory in the Sunshine State! Amendment 4 approved by Florida voters by over 70 Percent With the support and efforts of thousands of volunteers and partners, Floridians secured [ MORE » ]

August 2016

  1. A Legacy of Energy Burdens in the Southeast 2. Georgia Power Company to increase renewables 3. Conservation Groups Reach Settlement on Coal Plant Water Pollution 4. SACE staff presents on Solar in the Southeast   1. A Legacy of Energy Burdens in the Southeast Memphis, Atlanta and Birmingham have highest energy burden in Southeast Did you know? People living in three major [ MORE » ]

August 2016 : Special Florida Edition

  1. August is Crunch Time 4 Solar –YES 4 Solar! 2. Voting in Florida heats up August primary 3. League of Women Voters is Making the Sunshine State Sunnier 4. SACE and partners file federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against FPL for contamination at Turkey Point 1. August is Crunch Time 4 Solar –YES 4 Solar! Vote-by-mail ballots are in the mail – [ MORE » ]