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SACE Offshore Drilling Fact Sheet Thumbnail

Click here for the PDF version of this fact sheet.

Learn About Atlantic Offshore Drilling Facts

As the Trump Administration attempts to open our shores to offshore drilling, please consider using the facts below to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. See tips on writing a letter to the editor and find the contact info of your local paper here. — Coastal Communities, Businesses, and Leaders Have Spoken Loudly: No Offshore Drilling! Tens of thousands of [ MORE » ]

Learn About FPL’s Polluting Turkey Point Site – Already a Problem

News: Expert Report Provides Affordable, Practical Solution to FPL’s Polluting Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point [Blog here] News: Citizen groups file federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against FPL for ongoing pollution in Biscayne Bay (amended complaint here) News in review: FL Senate committees hold public workshop to discuss FPL’s polluting Turkey Point cooling canal system SACE, partners intend to file Clean Water Act [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors at Watts Bar

NEW: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Finally Issues Operating License for TVA’s Watts Bar 2 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – “Watts Bar 2: A Cautionary Tale” & LA Times Column: “America’s newest nuke plant shows why nuclear power is dying in the U.S.” Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners Ignore Fukushima Lessons Learned – Denies SACE’s Appeal in Licensing of TVA’s Watts Bar 2 Reactor SACE is working to [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors in Georgia

LATEST: It’s a Go for Plant Vogtle: Georgia Regulators Reject Staff, Expert Recommendations to Protect Customers from Delayed, Over Budget Nuclear Expansion NEWS: Experts Agree It Is Uneconomic for Georgia Power Customers to Shoulder Costs if Bungled Plant Vogtle Nuclear Expansion Project Continues NEWS: Vogtle expansion makes Georgia Water Coalition’s Infamous “Dirty Dozen” list CANCELLED! Georgia Power’s Proposed Stewart County Reactors Casualty of Toshiba-Westinghouse [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors in Florida

Take action: Attend Important 5/2/17 NRC Hearing on Ongoing Legal Challenge News: FPL’s Proposed Turkey Point Reactors Face Obstacles as Toshiba-Westinghouse Faces Financial Meltdown & blog post on impacts to new nuclear proposals in U.S. News: Expert Report Provides Affordable, Practical Solution to FPL’s Polluting Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point [Blog here] News: Citizen groups file federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against FPL [ MORE » ]

Stop New Coal in Georgia

While new coal plants around the nation are going bankrupt, raising power costs for small towns and getting canceled before the first shovel of dirt is turned over (and utilities around the Southeast are planning to retire old plants), Georgia still has one in the works: Plant Washington, proposed by Power4Georgians (P4G) in 2008. Power4Georgians was originally a consortium of utility co-ops (Electric Membership [ MORE » ]

Ask the PSC to Hold Alabama Power Accountable

Like many states, Alabama has an elected Public Service Commission (PSC) that oversees investor-owned utilities (that means Alabama Power). The Alabama PSC, however, lacks critical transparency and accountability measures that are present in other states. We believe the inability of third parties to participate formally in PSC proceedings is part of the reason Alabama continues to be so heavily reliant on outdated fossil technology. [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors in the Southeast

Join Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s multiple efforts at local, state and federal levels to prevent risky new nuclear reactors from being built in the Southeast and advocate for safe, clean and affordable energy choices that can reduce carbon emissions and preserve our water resources including energy efficiency and conservation, wind and solar. With an already high reliance on nuclear power and many utilities [ MORE » ]

Prevent TVA’s Bellefonte Reactors

VICTORY!!! TVA suspends plans to develop Bellefonte nuclear site! Take the poll – what would you do with the Bellefonte site? TVA Urged to Protect Tennessee River Waterfront During Sale of Bellefonte Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and our partners have worked for many years to stop the Tennessee Valley Authority’s risky plan to complete its two aging Bellefonte reactors (Units 1 & 2) [ MORE » ]

Oppose Nuclear Loan Guarantees

Feds finalize $8.3 billion taxpayer-backed loan guarantee for over budget, delayed Vogtle reactors as “benefits” of project have fully eroded, expert says at PSC hearing In an attempt to overcome the uncertainty, expense, and risk of financing and constructing new nuclear reactors, nuclear proponents have sought and received billions of dollars in taxpayer-financed federal loan guarantees–essentially a taxpayer-funded bailout. The government’s first nuclear loan [ MORE » ]