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Georgia Climate Change Fact Sheet

GA Climate Change Fact Sheet 2016

South Carolina Climate Change Fact Sheet

SC Climate Change Fact Sheet 2016

North Carolina Climate Change Fact Sheet

NC Climate Change Fact Sheet 2016

Tennessee Climate Change Fact Sheet

TN Climate Change Fact Sheet 2016 Final

Learn About Climate Change State by State in the Southeast

The climate is changing due to excess levels of carbon dioxide pollution and the impacts are already being felt in some parts of the Southeast. In a warmer climate, our region is expected to experience more flooding, heat waves, and droughts, all of which have negative effects on industry and our communities. While the challenges are significant, we do have abundant solutions. Click below [ MORE » ]

Learn about the I-75 Green Corridor Project

SACE’s Clean Energy Biofuels retail fueling station in Atlanta, GA is one of the 30+ participants collaborating on the “longest biofuels corridor on the planet.” June 9-13, 2014 marks the five-year celebration of the I-75 Green Corridor Project – read more about it in our June 9 press release here. The I-75 Green Corridor project aims to make the 1,786 miles of the U.S. [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors in Georgia

LATEST: It’s a Go for Plant Vogtle: Georgia Regulators Reject Staff, Expert Recommendations to Protect Customers from Delayed, Over Budget Nuclear Expansion NEWS: Experts Agree It Is Uneconomic for Georgia Power Customers to Shoulder Costs if Bungled Plant Vogtle Nuclear Expansion Project Continues NEWS: Vogtle expansion makes Georgia Water Coalition’s Infamous “Dirty Dozen” list CANCELLED! Georgia Power’s Proposed Stewart County Reactors Casualty of Toshiba-Westinghouse [ MORE » ]

Prevent New Nuclear Reactors in Florida

Take action: Attend Important 5/2/17 NRC Hearing on Ongoing Legal Challenge News: FPL’s Proposed Turkey Point Reactors Face Obstacles as Toshiba-Westinghouse Faces Financial Meltdown & blog post on impacts to new nuclear proposals in U.S. News: Expert Report Provides Affordable, Practical Solution to FPL’s Polluting Cooling Canal System at Turkey Point [Blog here] News: Citizen groups file federal Clean Water Act lawsuit against FPL [ MORE » ]

Support Oil Solutions At Work

SACE is supporting the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Half the Oil plan. The plan relies on realistic solutions for reducing oil use, including vehicle fuel efficiency, advanced vehicle, clean fuel innovation, and smart growth strategies. The Oil Solutions at Work web feature profiles a growing group of the Americans who are working to make these clean transportation solutions a reality. From entrepreneurs deploying fuel [ MORE » ]

Stop New Coal in Georgia

While new coal plants around the nation are going bankrupt, raising power costs for small towns and getting canceled before the first shovel of dirt is turned over (and utilities around the Southeast are planning to retire old plants), Georgia still has one in the works: Plant Washington, proposed by Power4Georgians (P4G) in 2008. Power4Georgians was originally a consortium of utility co-ops (Electric Membership [ MORE » ]