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Plains and Eastern Clean Line Affordable Wind Power for the Tennessee Valley

Clean Line – Memphis Fact Sheet What is the Plains and Eastern Clean Line? The Plains and Eastern Clean Line is a newly proposed high voltage direct current transmission project that would provide about 4,000 megawatts of high-quality Oklahoma/Texas wind power to Arkansas and Tennessee. It is expected to generate thousands of jobs, conserve water, reduce pollution, and enhance economic development across the Southeast. [ MORE » ]

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are some of the most frequently read pages of any newspaper and can help educate and mobilize members of your community. For the best chance of having a letter published you should: pick a topic you are passionate about, provide a personal angle to something currently in the news, and follow the newspaper’s guidelines for word length and submission. Click [ MORE » ]

Make $mart Energy Choices

The energy choices we make everyday all have impacts – some positive, others negative, and some a blend of both. However, energy efficiency is the energy option that typically provides the most benefits with the least costs. Making the right energy choices can help you lead a greener lifestyle while saving some green, too. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Calculating your carbon footprint is a [ MORE » ]

Get Involved in Georgia’s Pine 2 Energy Coalition

The Pine 2 Energy Coalition (P2E) is a partnership of a diverse group of stakeholders including forest landowners, energy producers, conservation organizations,government agencies and academic institutions.The mission of P2E is to increase the development of a pine biomass to energy industry, decrease the nation’s dependence on imported energy resources,improve the environment, and stimulate the region’s economy, with a focus on rural areas. Georgia currently [ MORE » ]