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Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are some of the most frequently read pages of any newspaper and can help educate and mobilize members of your community. For the best chance of having a letter published you should: pick a topic you are passionate about, provide a personal angle to something currently in the news, and follow the newspaper’s guidelines for word length and submission. Click [ MORE » ]

Make $mart Energy Choices

The energy choices we make everyday all have impacts – some positive, others negative, and some a blend of both. However, energy efficiency is the energy option that typically provides the most benefits with the least costs. Making the right energy choices can help you lead a greener lifestyle while saving some green, too. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Calculating your carbon footprint is a [ MORE » ]

Learn about the I-75 Green Corridor Project

SACE’s Clean Energy Biofuels retail fueling station in Atlanta, GA is one of the 30+ participants collaborating on the “longest biofuels corridor on the planet.” June 9-13, 2014 marks the five-year celebration of the I-75 Green Corridor Project – read more about it in our June 9 press release here. The I-75 Green Corridor project aims to make the 1,786 miles of the U.S. [ MORE » ]

Support Oil Solutions At Work

SACE is supporting the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Half the Oil plan. The plan relies on realistic solutions for reducing oil use, including vehicle fuel efficiency, advanced vehicle, clean fuel innovation, and smart growth strategies. The Oil Solutions at Work web feature profiles a growing group of the Americans who are working to make these clean transportation solutions a reality. From entrepreneurs deploying fuel [ MORE » ]

Support Clean Construction Policies

Constructing a healther future: Support Clean Construction Have you ever noticed the thick smoke billowing from an older bus or tractor trailer, or passed near a construction zone and been faced with a huge whiff of dirty exhaust? Diesel exhaust contains over 450 different compounds, including dozens of known or suspected carcinogens. Diesel emissions are also a significant contributor to climate change, since they [ MORE » ]

Urge Congress to Dump Dirty Fuels

High gas prices are driving the search for cheaper alternatives, but energy companies and some in Congress are focusing their attention on dirty unconventional oil sources. Many see sources like tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal as a solution to high gas prices and our dependence on foreign oil. But these dirty fuel sources are risky investments that create more global warming pollution, [ MORE » ]