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Electric Vehicles Trump Offshore Drilling

Join SACE for our next webinar, “Electric Vehicles Trump Offshore Oil Drilling,” to learn about new analysis from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. On the webinar, our staff will share data that demonstrates how electric vehicle deployment will drive down U.S. oil demand, making the expansion of transportation electrification a better option for increasing energy independence and security than President Trump’s reckless proposal [ MORE » ]

VW Settlement: What Does it Mean for the Southeast?

Overview: In July 2016,Volkswagen (VW) agreed to a multiple-part settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a result of the installation of ‘defeat devices’ on their diesel engines in violation of the Clean Air Act. This settlement will deliver the clean air promise VW failed to meet, and provides a huge opportunity for the Southeast to reduce diesel emissions and expand upon [ MORE » ]

Online Poll: #GeorgiaPower’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Vote in our 48-hour online poll on #GeorgiaPower EV charging infrastructure!

Georgia Legislature Kills Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Endangers State’s Leadership on Electric Cars

Contact: Anne Blair, SACE, 865.637.6055 x47, Seth D. Michaels, UCS, 202-331-5662 Atlanta, Ga. (April 1, 2015) – Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are disappointed that, in a late-night vote, two anti-electric vehicle measures were included in HB 170, a new transportation funding bill for Georgia. A compromise proposal to phase out the credit over the [ MORE » ]

Advisory: Upcoming Luncheon, Presentation & Test Drive to Highlight Georgia’s EV Policies

Contact: Anne Blair, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, 404-849-7929,   Atlanta, Ga. (March 23, 2015) – On Wednesday, March 25th at 12:00 p.m. ET the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Union of Concerned Scientists and Plug-In America will host an electric vehicle (EV) panel presentation luncheon and test drive event at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. Legislators, public officials and electric vehicle experts [ MORE » ]

Stop the Attack on Electric Vehicles in Georgia

__–– Tell Your Representatives to Support Electric Vehicles! Contact your state representatives today and let them know you support electric vehicles in Georgia and oppose HB 257 Substitute to eliminate the tax credit for electric vehicles. Georgia has been leading the way in electric vehicle sales in the US–we currently rank 4th in the U.S. for electric vehicle (EV) ownership. Georgians are benefitting from [ MORE » ]

Support Oil Solutions At Work

SACE is supporting the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Half the Oil plan. The plan relies on realistic solutions for reducing oil use, including vehicle fuel efficiency, advanced vehicle, clean fuel innovation, and smart growth strategies. The Oil Solutions at Work web feature profiles a growing group of the Americans who are working to make these clean transportation solutions a reality. From entrepreneurs deploying fuel [ MORE » ]

2012 Knoxville EV Show & National PlugIn Day

Knoxville, Tenn. – Media and intrigued local residents are invited to attend the 2012 Knoxville Electric Car Show to learn of the fun, clean?air benefits, and cost?savings of electric cars as part of the second annual National Plug in Day event. Today, US dependency on foreign oil has dropped 15% since 2005 ( This is in part due to switching to alternative fuels and [ MORE » ]

Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

In his January 2011 State of the Union Address, President Obama announced his goal to have 1 million electric plug-in vehicles (EVs) on American roads by 2015. That same month, electric vehicles took high prizes at Detroit’s Auto Show, including ‘Car of the Year’ (Chevy Volt). Time is clearly ripe. The technology exists to meet this goal, and SACE believes that mass deployment of [ MORE » ]

Carbon Pollution & the Clean Air Act

Our nation’s energy sector generates one third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, and carbon dioxide accounts for about 84% of U.S. greenhouse gases (GHGs), making it the nation’s largest contributor to climate change. The Southeast disproportionately contributes to national carbon pollution levels due to its abundance of coal-fired power plants. In 2012, over 366 million tons of carbon dioxide were emitted from roughly 270 [ MORE » ]