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Global Warming

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Sunrise: Building a Movement of Young People to Stop Climate Change

Join SACE for a webinar with Sunrise to learn about their work building a movement of young people across the country to raise the issue of climate change in this year’s state and federal elections and beyond. Sunrise volunteers are pushing to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel industries on our politics, and elect leaders [ MORE » ]

Learn About Climate Change State by State in the Southeast

The climate is changing due to excess levels of carbon dioxide pollution and the impacts are already being felt in some parts of the Southeast. In a warmer climate, our region is expected to experience more flooding, heat waves, and droughts, all of which have negative effects on industry and our communities. While the challenges are significant, we do have abundant solutions. Click below [ MORE » ]

Speak Up About the National Climate Assessment!

Speak Up About the National Climate Assessment!Speak Up About the National Climate Assessment!The U.S. Global Change Research Program has released its 2013 draft of the latest science on global warming, the National Climate Assessment. Please use this opportunity to raise the issue of climate change with public officials, friends and family or just become better educated on the issue. The science is sobering. The [ MORE » ]

Black Carbon Significant to Climate Change

Atlanta, Ga. (January 16, 2013) – The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy welcomes a new landmark study, “Bounding the role of black carbon in the climate system: A scientific assessment,” that provides new evidence on the importance of black carbon (BC) as a climate pollutant. Scientists have known for more than a decade that black carbon contributes to global warming, but the significance of [ MORE » ]

Coastal Climate Impacts

The Southeast’s coastline is one of the region’s most impressive and attractive features. Stretching more than 2,000 miles, the Southeast Atlantic shoreline is home to more than 16 million people and hosts more than $2.2 trillion in property. This coastal region contains infrastructure of significant importance to the functionality of our country such as ports and military bases, as well as many of the [ MORE » ]

Dirty Energy & Climate Change’s Disproportionate Impacts

Statistics show that African Americans, Hispanics and other persons of color struggle with an array of disproportionate impacts – from health to economic to climate vulnerability – directly associated with the dirty energy sources that power the Southeast. Health Impacts to Low Income Communities and Communities of Color Statistics show that African Americans and other persons of color are plagued with an array of [ MORE » ]

Carbon Pollution & the Clean Air Act

Our nation’s energy sector generates one third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, and carbon dioxide accounts for about 84% of U.S. greenhouse gases (GHGs), making it the nation’s largest contributor to climate change. The Southeast disproportionately contributes to national carbon pollution levels due to its abundance of coal-fired power plants. In 2012, over 366 million tons of carbon dioxide were emitted from roughly 270 [ MORE » ]

Southeast Climate Change Impacts

In today’s world full of challenges, it is hard to know what is important. Southern Alliance for Clean Energy wants to make sure that every Southeast citizen understands that climate change is the most serious issue we face in the 21st century and it must be addressed. It is hard to visualize what a warming world will mean to the average person. Following are [ MORE » ]

Hojas Informativas del Calentamiento Global

Con el fin de proveerle a nuestros miembros y a nuestros visitantes de Internet la más reciente y precisa recopilación de nuevos datos climáticos, así como información con respecto a los impactos y oportunidades del calentamiento global, la Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) desarrolló en Noviembre de 2010 nuevas hojas informativas que son especificas a cada estado. Estas hojas informativas, recogen la información [ MORE » ]

Global Warming & Nuclear Power