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Rally Against Offshore Drilling!

SACE’s Coastal Climate and Energy Manager, Chris Carnevale, joins House Representative Mandy Powers Norrell in Columbia at the South Carolina State House to rally against offshore drilling!  

SACE fighting rate hikes and hidden charges at KUB!

SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen Smith is at the KUB board meeting in Knoxville to fight rate hikes and hidden charges!    

Amazon Wind Farm!

SACE’s Sarah Gilliam stopped by the Amazon Wind Farm in Elizabeth City, NC. This is the first major onshore wind farm for the Southeast!  

Laura Reynolds – SACE Consultant on Climate Ride!

Laura Reynolds, a consultant for SACE who works on Florida Water and Energy issues, has chosen to embark on an amazing bike journey to raise awareness and funds for the environment! Please consider donating here!  

Update on Failing V.C. Summer Nuclear Project in South Carolina

SACE’s Sara Barczak gives a quick update on the over-budget and delayed V.C. Summer nuclear project in South Carolina from the Santee Cooper Board Meeting.        

Protect our drinking water in South Florida!

SACE High Risk Energy Choices Program Director, Sara Barczak, is at city hall in Homestead, FL to fight the contamination of drinking water in South Florida by FPL’s nuclear reactors at Turkey Point!  

Hands Across the Sand – Say no to offshore drilling!

SACE’s Chris Carnevale and Brooke Durham reported live from Folly Beach at the “Hands Across the Sand” event to join others in the Southeast in saying no to offshore drilling!  

Check out the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Electric Minivan!

Anne Blair, SACE’s Program Director for Clean Fuels, showcases the brand new Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Electric Minivan!  

Share the Pennies Program in Memphis, TN!

Sandra Upchurch, SACE’s Energy Justice Manager, explains the “Share the Pennies Program” in Memphis, TN!  

DOE Solar in your Community Challenge!

Learn about the DOE Solar in Your Community Challenge from our Solar Communications and Policy Manager, Alissa Schafer, as she attends a meeting at Florida International University! For more info on the upcoming events in Memphis and Orlando, go here.