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Energy Burden in Memphis, TN

Hear SACE staff and local allies in Memphis TN discuss energy burdens and possible solutions.

Turkey Point Telepresser July 28 2016

SACE hosted a telepress conference on July 28, 2016 to discuss a new expert report that provides an affordable, practical solution to FPL’s failed cooling canal system at Turkey Point. To access the study, click here. To read our press release about the study, click here. To listen to the audio from this discussion, click the play button below. .

Abusing Our Waters

NIRS webinar, part of the #NuclearIsDirty campaign, on the effects of nuclear power on clean water as well as marine life. With presentations from Sara Barczak with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Beyond Nuclear, and NIRS.

WNZF Talk Radio: Dr. Stephen Smith on Florida Solar

December 27, 2014 – SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen A. Smith discusses solar in Florida on WNZF Talk Radio. [_bd_audio player=”sc_embed_player” url=”″]

Telepresser – FlaSEIA and SACE on FL Solar Industry

September 10, 2014 – This news conference, with the Florida Solar Industries Association, discusses the Florida solar industry. FlaSEIA, as Florida’s oldest and largest solar trade organization, has taken three major organizational steps to ensure solar policies can take center stage in Florida. FlaSEIA intends to lead Florida towards robust solar policies that promote meaningful solar development and protect current net metering practices to [ MORE » ]

Telepresser – TVA Allen Plant

August 11, 2014 – A coalition of environmental groups share and discuss their analysis and recently-filed comments that support replacing the Allen coal units with a combination of renewable energy generation and upgrades to the current power system, in addition to adding a smaller capacity gas plant on-site. Speakers included: Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Scott Banbury; Conservation Coordinator; Tennessee [ MORE » ]

Talk Solar Radio: Solar in the Southeast with Dr. Stephen Smith

May 15, 2014 – Seasoned Blog Talk Radio Host Beth Bond of Speaking of Green is known in solar circles in Georgia Bond is ready to talk to about all things solar in the US now. Join her as she interviews SACE Executive Director, Dr. Stephen A. Smith, to discuss solar in the Southeast. [_bd_audio player=”sc_embed_player” url=”″]

Speaking Of Green: There’s a wind a blowing and it’s in the Southeast

May 14, 2014 – Southeast Green’s radio show, Speaking of Green, raises awareness on sustainability and green issues, companies and organizations that support green living and promote more eco friendly environments. In this episode, Host Beth Bond interviews SACE wind experts Allie Brown and Simon Mahan to discuss wind energy in the southeast – including Tennessee’s first wind farm, Buffalo Mountain. [_bd_audio player=”sc_embed_player” url=”″]

Telepresser – SACE Calls for FPL to Run Nuclear Reactors By the Book

MAy 6, 2014 – This news conference discusses the SACE call for a hearing based on the fact that FPL and the NRC have been complicit in running the St. Lucie 2 nuclear reactor with safety equipment that has not been properly approved and therefore is outside the bounds of FPL’s operating license. Speakers included: Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy [ MORE » ]

Solar Fit Radio Show Interview – George Cavros

April 26, 2014 – WNZF’s Solar Fit Renewable Energy Show brings you interviews with the leaders in the renewable energy field and shows you how to have a environmentally-friendly lifestyle that won’t put a dent in your wallet. In this episode, Host Bill Gallagher, President of Solar Fit, discusses solar power in Florida with SACE staffer George Cavros. [_bd_audio player=”sc_embed_player” url=”″]