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Webinar: What’s Next for Electric Vehicles? – Dec. 13 at 1pm. 

Who’s leading on EV technology? Will it work for you? Where can you charge? Find out answers to these questions and more during our webinar! Please join us Dec 13th at 1PM: What’s Next for Electric Vehicles? Transportation sector is now the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S. To help cut those emissions, electric vehicles can help. They can reduce [ MORE » ]

Webinar Recording: Exploring the Redesigned


WEBINAR: Wind Power Opportunities for the South

Join the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) and fellow wind energy advocates and supporters for this lively discussion. Simon Mahan, Renewable Energy Manager with SACE and Director of the Southern Wind Energy Association, will present on the wind energy opportunities in the South and the cost of losing the federal PTC for wind energy.

Florida Amendment 4 Webinar

Join SACE and the USGBC's Florida Chapter for an educational webinar on Amendment 4 on the August primary ballot in Florda.

Global Warming & Sizzling Summers in the Southeast

Join SACE and the Southeast Coastal Climate Network for this timely summer webinar.

YesOn4 Webinar: Everything you need to know about Amendment 4

Join us for our Train the Trainer Webinar on Thursday, July 7, from 12-1PM. We will provide you with all the tools you need to educate your community about Amendment 4. REGISTER HERE:

National Security & Climate Change Webinar

Memorial Day reminds us that every day America’s sons and daughters serve and sacrifice to keep our nation strong. We at SACE believe that the military’s work to address the effects of climate change and to advance energy security is a critical part of that strength.

Lights Out: Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge and Blackouts in the South

  This webinar will introduce new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists which finds that an extensive amount of critical electricity infrastructure in the coastal Southeast is situated in flood-risk areas. Much of it is at risk of flooding today, and sea level rise will expose additional infrastructure in the decades ahead. Proper planning and clean energy solutions will be required to mitigate [ MORE » ]

The Clean Power Plan: Basics and Implications for the Southeast

To register, please visit our webinar sign-up page, and don’t forget to mark September 1, 2015, 2:00 p.m. ET on your calendar! SACE staff will host a webinar to brief the public on the basic structure of the Clean Power Plan and explain what Southeastern states will have to do to comply with the new carbon emission limits. We will pay special attention to [ MORE » ]

Distributed Generation – Integrated Value (DG-IV) Methodology for Solar Energy in the Tennessee Valley

Due to a recording glitch, we've been unable to post the recording of this webinar. Please click on this post for access to the recorded audio and presentation slides.