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Renewable Energy Associate

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Allie Brown

Based in Atlanta, Allie works on promoting clean energy, focusing on wind energy throughout the region. She provides assistance on wind energy through research, engagement with diverse stakeholders, policy advocacy, and implementation of local wind activities. Before joining SACE, Allie served on the executive board of the Sierra Student Coalition: UGA Beyond Coal and was a student fellow for Georgia Youth for Environmental Solutions. [ MORE » ]

Amelia Shenstone

Amelia leads SACE’s High Risk Energy team to encourage utilities to invest in energy efficiency and clean energy, and to phase out the oldest, dirtiest coal plants in the Southeast. She guides SACE’s campaign strategies with an eye toward including the full diversity of southeastern communities. She represents the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in multiple coalition efforts. Before joining SACE, Amelia helped establish [ MORE » ]

Anne Blair

Anne is the program manager for SACE’s clean fuels programs. Her work focuses on diesel emissions reduction, advanced transportation and the utilization of biomass for electricity and fuel production, with an emphasis on state and federal energy, fuel, transportation, and climate policy and education. Anne joined the SACE staff in 2003. Anne serves on the Green-e Governance Board, the Southeast Diesel Collaborative Leadership Council, [ MORE » ]