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Executive Assistant

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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker joined SACE in August 2017 as the Executive Assistant in the Knoxville office. Prior to joining SACE, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Tennessee, where she focused on biogeochemistry research on protein transport in karst aquifer systems. She is a proud 2-year Americorps Alumni, where she taught children about water quality and climate change and coordinated [ MORE » ]

Jazzmyn Davenport

Jazzmyn Davenport became an intern for Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in the summer of 2017. During that first summer with SACE, Jazzmyn worked on the “Share the Pennies” campaign by hosting local community educational workshops on the program and energy efficiency. She also created advertisement materials for the campaign initiative. Now she works to organize local college campus groups and organizations to volunteer [ MORE » ]

Jason Carney

Jason Carney is a native of Nashville with a passion for energy and sustainability that goes back to elementary school. After graduating from Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, his passion was rekindled when introduced to the US Green Building Council’s LEED credential while working for a major HVAC manufacturer. Since then, he has diligently worked to educate others on the [ MORE » ]

Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence joined the Memphis NAACP Branch and SACE’s Proud Voter Campaign in October of 2017. As the Civic Engagement Organizer, he manages voter campaigns; town hall meetings and works diligently in increasing voter awareness quickly and effectively!

Joann Hill

Joann joined SACE in July of 2017 as an Energy Organizer. She works primarily promoting low-income energy efficiency programs such as Memphis Light Gas and Water’s Share the Pennies Program and most recently joined our Memphis Has The Power team. Joann excels in community engagement activities. She is a dedicated energy organizer and community leader who have provided much support in hosting over thirty [ MORE » ]

Ignacio Tamayo

Ignacio joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2017, and he is responsible for identifying and qualifying major gift prospects, as well as developing and implementing strategies to optimize gift closures. He has over ten years of experience with non-profit organizations, most recently with The University of Miami and St. Thomas University. Ignacio has a post-graduate certificate in Management Information Systems from Florida [ MORE » ]

Dory Larsen

Dory joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2017 in the newly created role as Electric Vehicle Program Associate. She is working to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by promoting the growth of electric vehicle ownership and supporting EV friendly policy and programs. Central to her work is educating and engaging stakeholders, identifying strategic policy to propel EV usage, and advocating for [ MORE » ]

Justin Wilkins

Reading Audacity of Hope and being inspired by then Senator Obama’s call for ‘focusing on results instead of ideology’ and one day wanting to tell his son he ‘didn’t set on the sidelines when so much was at stake’ inspired Justin to start organizing in 2007. Justin is a seven year veteran of President Barack Obama’s advocacy and electoral organizations, serving as the Tennessee [ MORE » ]

Bryan Jacob

Bryan joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in June 2017. As Solar Program Director, Bryan leads activities to promote solar power across the Southeast. These activities range from conducting research on solar power trends to advocacy on utility resource planning and specifically include collaboration with stakeholders in the solar energy development industry.

Heather Pohnan

In the role of Energy Policy Manager, Heather works to develop and support regulatory strategy through research, data and policy analysis, and technical assistance. Her work will focus on projects that support the inclusion of wind, solar, and energy efficiency in utility resource portfolios. Heather worked with SACE as a consultant before joining as a full time staff member in the Atlanta office. Her [ MORE » ]