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Energy Efficiency Policy Manager

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Jennifer Weiss

Jen joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in August 2015 as the Energy Efficiency Policy Manager for North Carolina. In this role, she is a liaison with advocacy organizations, utility regulators, electric utilities and other key energy efficiency stakeholders, focused on providing outreach and technical assistance on issues of importance to SACE and the North Carolina energy community. Jen previously worked at the [ MORE » ]

Alissa Jean Schafer

  Alissa Jean Schafer, M.S., manages solar communications and policy efforts for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Her role includes coalition and volunteer outreach, as well as public education and communications development. Alissa is based in Florida and has a special focus on the shaping of solar policy in the South East region. Prior to SACE, Alissa had several years of communications experience [ MORE » ]

Brooke Durham

Brooke Durham joined SACE as Communications Intern in June 2015 and became Communications Associate in May 2016. She primarily focuses on graphic design and media, developing visual assets and videos that further SACE’s mission. Brooke graduated summa cum laude from Montreat College in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. She developed a wide variety of skills both in and outside [ MORE » ]

Taylor Allred

Taylor joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in June 2014. His role is to advocate for the implementation and ongoing growth of energy efficiency programs in the Southeast, with a focus on Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority. He participates in regulatory proceedings and promotes effective strategies for utilities to help customers to minimize waste, and thereby reduce future energy demand and the [ MORE » ]

Sandra Upchurch

Sandra joined SACE as an Energy Organizer in 2014 and is working on promoting low-income energy efficiency programs and growing clean energy resources in Memphis, TN. Sandra worked as industrial chemistry teacher for 20 years and recently retired from the Shelby County School system (formerly Memphis City Schools). She has served on several boards and committees over the years including: Tennessee Clean Water Network, [ MORE » ]

Susan Glickman

Susan has worked with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy since 2001 as a consultant and lobbyist and was named Florida Director in August 2013. Susan has a background in running political campaigns and also directs SACE’s Action Fund in the Sunshine State. A native of Florida, Susan has consulted with many national organizations such as Natural Resources Defense Council, Ceres, Advanced Energy Economy, Union [ MORE » ]

Chris Carnevale

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Chris is SACE’s Coastal Climate and Energy Manager and South Carolina State Affairs Liaison. His work focuses on building a critical mass of support for clean energy as a solution to the impacts of climate change on our coastal region. His work specifically focuses on advocating for offshore wind energy, building opposition to offshore oil drilling, and raising awareness [ MORE » ]

Simon Mahan

Simon joined Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in September 2010. He is responsible for overseeing the organization’s promotion of clean energy with a focus on onshore wind energy within the region, offshore wind and wind energy transmission. Simon specializes in policy advocacy, energy analysis and stakeholder engagement. Previously, he worked as an advocate and analyst for an ocean conservation organization in Washington, DC addressing [ MORE » ]

John D. Wilson

John directs SACE’s research activities and leads SACE’s utility reform campaigns and investigation into methods to reduce or sequester global warming pollution. He participates in a number of state commissions to study global warming solutions in partnership with government staff, utilities, business, and community leaders. In 2008, John co-authored Cornerstones: Building a Secure Foundation for North Carolina’s Energy Future. He also maintains SACE’s technical [ MORE » ]

Sara Barczak

As program director for high risk energy choices, Sara provides extensive outreach and support to concerned citizens, organizing partners, the media, and decision-makers and participates in legislative, state and federal regulatory forums on issues concerning nuclear energy, public safety, utilities and the impacts of power plants and our energy infrastructure on the region’s water resources. Sara managed our coastal office in Savannah, Georgia, which [ MORE » ]