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SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

The Impact of Your Donation


Your donation will support SACE’s programs that advocate for clean energy projects and policies throughout the Southeast. With your support, we will:

Promote energy efficiency as an alternative to building new power plants
SACE is working with Duke Energy to expand their “Save-A-Watt” energy efficiency program, which will result in energy savings equivalent to a new 845 megawatt coal plant by 2020. That’s enough energy to power more than 120,000 homes.

Prevent costly, risky new nuclear reactor proposals
As of 2011, more than a dozen new nuclear reactors have been proposed in the Southeast. SACE is part of a coalition that requested that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) immediately suspend all licensing and other activities beginning in April 2011, in light of the ongoing Japanese nuclear disaster. We will continue to protect consumers and the environment from costly, risky new reactor proposals such as Plant Vogtle in Georgia by opposing efforts to charge ratepayers for plants before they are completed.

Promote climate action at all levels of government
SACE’s expert staff participates in international climate talks such as those in Copenhagen and Montreal; testifies in federal climate debates; and works at the state level in the Southeast to protect our coastlines from the effects of climate change.

Reduce emissions from the transportation sector
In 2010, SACE was awarded $5 million by the EPA to create our “Clean Trucks Make Cents” program. Through 2014, we will retrofit 800 diesel tractor-trailer trucks; reducing emissions from each truck up to 90 percent and preventing 8,758 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted each year; trucks built before 2007 are exempt from current emissions standards. Reducing transportation emissions will decrease the number of asthma attacks and premature deaths due to air pollution along heavily trafficked transportation corridors in the Southeast.

Promote solar in the Southeast
SACE worked with the city of Knoxville, Tennessee to earn recognition from the Department of Energy as a “Solar America City.” Through Solar America Cities, Knoxville boosted its total solar capacity from 15 kilowatts to more than 1400 kilowatts in 2011. SACE continues to lead efforts in advancing both large- and small-scale solar deployment throughout the Southeast.

Your continued support will expand SACE’s ability to move clean energy policies forward in the Southeast, bringing all of us closer to a cleaner, safer and healthier future.