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Estate Planning


Make a lasting legacy to the continuing efforts to create a clean energy future by including Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in your estate plans. You can continue your support of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in your will by choosing to give:

  • A percentage of your estate;
  • A specific amount;
  • Specific property, such as stocks, bonds or real estate;
  • Part or all of the residual of your estate – what ever is left after all beneficiaries have received their bequests; or
  • A combination gift arrangement, such as a certain percentage plus the residual.

You may find that you can make a larger gift than you ever thought possible by giving “what’s left” in your retirement account, pension plan or other retirement planning vehicle. This option allows you to provide for your family first, then charitable interests.

Life insurance policies that originally were obtained to protect mortgages that have been paid, or for educational plans that have been completed, make excellent charitable gifts. Alternatively, you may decide to assure a large gift by purchasing a new insurance policy. If you name Southern Alliance for Clean Energy as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, the premiums are tax deductible.

Talk with your financial advisor, attorney or accountant to consider the best option for you.