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Southeast Woody Bioenergy Inventory

This Southeast regional woody bioenergy inventory is based on literature review, analysis of published datasets, and a survey of industry developers. All woody biomass technologies are covered (wood pellets, biomass electricity, CHP, thermal, and cellulosic biofuels). Our study was first motivated by sustainability concerns and the question, is woody biomass utilization in the Southeastern US proceeding too rapidly or too slowly? By compiling and…

Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)

Grants and loan guarantees are currently available through U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Energy for American Program (REAP). The funding is available to farmers and small rural businesses for renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment, energy technical assistance, energy audits, and feasibility studies. More information and other deadlines are available here. The USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is a federal cost-share…

Biopower Overview

Biopower is the use of agricultural and forest materials for steam, heat, and electric generation. Biopower is produced when organic material is burned to make steam to push a generator. This material, called biomass, is most often the byproducts left over from the forest, food, and fiber industries. The kind of biopower facilities that burn biomass to make steam for a generator are most…

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CEB Biodiesel Retail Station – Atlanta

Highlights Clean Energy Biofuels’ biodiesel operation in Atlanta, GA. CEB is a full circle biodiesel company. We collect waste grease from local restaurants, process it at our 100% solar-powered production facility and sell it at the retail level at our fueling station at 250 Arizona Ave. near Candler Park. More information can be found at http://cleanenergybiofuels.com

Tennessee’s Economy to Benefit Through Climate Action

SACE hosted a panel of energy experts and business leaders to discuss the role of greening in Tennessee's economy. This event was held in response to informa...

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