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energy-efficiency-v2-01 Overview

Energy efficiency simply means receiving the same service (light, cooling, heating, for example) out of a device or system without using more energy than necessary–using equipment that performs well. A good example of an energy efficiency technology is a light emitting diode, or LED. They are about two times more energy efficient than a compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and about ten times more efficient than a traditional incandescent, but produce the same amount and quality of light. They also last far longer than CFLs or conventional bulbs.


Energy efficiency also offers:

  • a home-grown market that uses local businesses for installations, creating more jobs than building new power plants;
  • greater security for future generations, so our children are less dependent on imported or unsafe fuels;
  • cleaner air to breathe, because when enough people use energy efficiency measures, it helps displace smog and global warming pollutants from coal power plants; and
  • more water for essential needs, because big nuclear and coal power plants require large water supplies.

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