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green_jobs_rally.jpgA green job, or clean energy job, is one that rebuilds our economy while putting us on a path to an efficient and clean energy future.Phil Angelides, chair of the Apollo Alliance, a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups championing green employment defines a green job as: “paying decent wages and benefits that can support a family. It has to be part of a real career path, with upward mobility. And it needs to reduce waste and pollution and benefit the environment.”The good news is that a green job is likely to be familiar to those working traditional, blue-collar jobs.For example, manufacturing wind turbines or constructing wind farms creates demand for steel workers and long-haul freight shipping. Overseeing energy-efficiency retrofits for buildings requires roofers and insulators. Expanding mass-transit systems employs electrical engineers and dispatchers.

Green jobs can help prevent outsourcing and keep manufacturing jobs alive in America. Touting green-collar jobs can convince skeptical, blue-collar Americans that they have an economic stake in curbing climate change and moving to a clean energy economy.

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Green Jobs benefitting low-income communities

As the country moves towards a clean energy economy we must ensure that we invest in the growth of urban and rural communities through providing green jobs that are well paid, career track jobs that move low-income workers into higher-skilled occupations. Cities across the Southeast are taking advantage of opportunities to increase employment, lower energy bills and contribute the overall health and standard of…

Green Jobs in the Southeast

Recently, it seems that every politician has the exact same top three priorities: Jobs, Jobs and Jobs. Some of those jobs can come in the form of green jobs. Green jobs vary from manufacturing and construction to sales and consulting. According to a study conducted by the RES-Alliance, investing in jobs supported by renewable energy would bring significant job gains to the Southeast. For…

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Much of SACE's work focuses on advocating for systemic change in clean energy policy and practices throughout our region. One of the many benefits of a clean energy economy will be the creation of thousands of new green jobs. If you are interested in pursuing a green job or joining the clean energy industry the links below to related articles, non-degree training programs and…

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