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A green job, or clean energy job, is one that rebuilds our economy while putting us on a path to an efficient and clean energy future. Phil Angelides, chair of the Apollo Alliance, a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups championing green employment defines a green job as: “paying decent wages and benefits that can support a family. It has to be part of a real career path, with upward mobility. And it needs to reduce waste and pollution and benefit the environment.”

(U.S. Air Force photo/Lance Cheung)

The good news is that a green job is likely to be familiar to those working traditional, blue-collar jobs.For example, manufacturing wind turbines or constructing wind farms creates demand for steel workers and long-haul freight shipping. Overseeing energy-efficiency retrofits for buildings requires roofers and insulators. Expanding mass-transit systems employs electrical engineers and dispatchers.

Green jobs can help prevent outsourcing and keep manufacturing jobs alive in America. Touting green-collar jobs can convince skeptical, blue-collar Americans that they have an economic stake in curbing climate change and moving to a clean energy economy.

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