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We on the Southeastern coast rely upon the health and beauty of the sea and the shoreline for our world-class coastal industries such as tourism and fishing. Offshore drilling would jeopardize the vitality of our coast with the threat of pollution from oil spills and the industrialization of our coastline with infrastructure such as pipelines and refineries.

Offshore drilling–and the risky exploration process known as seismic airgun blasting–has been proposed for the Southeast Atlantic coast several times in recent years, however popular opposition has so far prevented it from becoming a reality. The most recent proposal for South Atlantic offshore drilling was by the Obama administration in January 2015. Due to business and citizen opposition, this proposal was canceled in March 2016. Additionally, Obama proposed seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic in March 2012, but then reversed this plan in January 2017.

Looking ahead, President Trump’s administration seems poised to propose offshore drilling and seismic exploration for the Atlantic coast. While no formal plans have been released yet, we are prepared to work with partners to once again fight and win the battle against offshore drilling, as we have in the past.

Rather than endanger our beloved coastal areas with offshore drilling, we can bolster our local economies by increasing energy efficiency and developing clean energy sources such as solar and wind. These clean, renewable energy sources present superb economic development opportunities and yet do not degrade the environment. The Southeast has some of the greatest developable offshore wind resources in the entire country, capable of producing massive amounts of electricity.

Furthermore, we as a country can reduce our need for oil by increasing the efficiency of our vehicles, using alternative fuels, and simply driving less. Great progress is being made in developing biofuels and electric vehicles as well as transitioning our towns and cities to be more transit, bicycle, and pedestrian friendly.

With all of these factors in play, it’s time we put offshore drilling in the past and move on with the clean energy economy.

Follow along with the latest offshore drilling news on our blog’s offshore drilling section here.

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