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We on the Southeastern coast rely upon the health and beauty of the sea and the shoreline with world-class coastal industries such as tourism and fishing. Yet as we witnessed with the Gulf oil spill of 2010, offshore oil and gas drilling poses a significant threat to our coast’s vitality. From catastrophic spills, like the Deepwater Horizon, to the everyday pollution, like disposal of toxic drilling fluid, we can see that offshore drilling is risky business.

Rather than endanger our beloved coastal areas by hosting offshore drilling, we as coastal communities can bolster our local economies by increasing energy efficiency and developing clean energy sources such as solar and wind. These clean, renewable energy sources present superb economic development opportunities and yet do not degrade the environment. The Southeast has some of the greatest developable offshore wind resources in the entire country, capable of producing massive amounts of electricity. Why jeopardize our coastal ecosystems and economies to oil and gas when clean, profitable alternatives are so readily available?

Furthermore, we as a country can reduce our need for oil by increasing the efficiency of our vehicles, using alternative fuels, and simply driving less. Great progress is being made in developing biofuels and electric vehicles as well as transitioning our towns and cities to be more transit, bicycle, and pedestrian friendly.

With all of these factors in play, it’s time we gave the boot to offshore drilling and moved on with the clean energy economy.

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