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Wind farms have been installed in many states across the country and are already providing significant amounts of clean, low-cost, domestic energy. Wind turbine technology has advanced significantly in the past five years. Taller turbines with longer blades have greatly expanded wind energy opportunities for the Southeast. Wind energy potential is most abundant offshore of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, in coastal areas in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, and are also plentiful along the mountain ridges of Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Wind energy is a clean renewable source of energy that saves water and helps clean the air in ways that energy production from fossil fuels or nuclear cannot. Wind energy has provided a significant economic benefit to rural communities and cities where it has been embraced. Both wind generation and wind manufacturing bring quality, long-term jobs and economic growth to regions that have established a market for wind energy. Modern wind turbines are quiet, efficient and graceful, becoming very popular in places where they have been developed.

Wind Energy Potential in the South NREL 2014

Wind Energy Potential in the South NREL 2014

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