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Vogtle-existing-intake-clos.jpgMaking the right energy choices today will not only help solve global warming, but will also protect our precious and limited water resources. Together, we need to take action to protect precious water resources from the negative impacts caused by our region’s current, highly water intensive energy supplies and move towards energy choices that preserve, not squander, limited water supplies.

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Utilities Involved

All utilities in the Southeast have power plants that require water from surrounding lakes, streams, rivers, or reservoirs to produce electricity.

Associated Position Statements, Publications or Reports

DOE-Energy Water Demand sRpt to Congress 2006NREL-Consumptive Water Use by Power Plants Dec 2003Licensed To KillWounded Waters: The hidden site of power plant pollutionFishing for TroubleCAT FH2O report on West PP4-03UCS-Nuclear Heat August 2006UCS-OT nuclear plants fact sheet

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Partner/Alliance Websites

SACE is an active partner in the Georgia Water Coalition (over 165 organizations strong) that is working to ensure that water is managed fairly for all Georgians, with the interest of all citizens, existing businesses and farms in mind.


United States Geologic Survey has extensive information under their “Water Resources of the United States” program, including water use data nationally and at the state level for all sectors, data tables, real time river flow data, and much more.The Energy-Water Nexus is a strategy for energy and water security overseen by Sandia National Laboratory. This site has extensive information.The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has extensive information on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy supplies including the benefits those technologies have on water resources.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, general information for the South Atlantic Division that includes drought information for all the districts in the Southeast.The Georgia Water Coalition website has extensive information about water policy in Georgia and related documents and information that is beneficial to regional water policy efforts.Georgia Department of Natural Resources website that includes valuable information on water conservation and efficiency, including general tips for all water use sectors.