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ACTION ALERTS notify our supporters and members of critical “Take Action” steps needed to support clean energy development in the Southeast in order to to combat climate change and push back on high risk energy choices.

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Protect the Savannah River from Plant Vogtle’s Big Thirst

Apr 18, 2014

We invite you to join us for Public Hearing on Plant Vogtle’s Surface Water Withdrawal Permit We invite you to join us Thursday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. Waynesboro, GA The Savannah River, which provides water to well over one million people, is stressed, earning the designation as the country’s fourth most toxic river. With two more water-intensive new nuclear reactors proposed at Plant…

Call for Duke Energy to clean up their ash at upcoming events

Apr 17, 2014

We invite you to join us Join SACE at events around North Carolina, to remind Duke Energy: They must be accountable for their coal ash dumps! ---- For years, Duke Energy’s coal ash dumps have been illegally polluting North Carolina’s waters with dangerous toxics like selenium, arsenic and lead. These dumpsites also threaten communities and important resources with the chance of another massive spill…

Webinar: Learn About Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster & Impacts in U.S.

Apr 16, 2014

--- Webinar with co-authors of "Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster" We invite you to join us April 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM ET for an exciting discussion. Last month marked the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 and triggered one of the largest nuclear disasters in history. Many continue to ask, “Could this happen…

Georgia, Send your EPA Comment: No More Second Chances for Plant Washington

Apr 14, 2014

_ __ --- Tell EPA that un-built Plant Washington is a dead end, not an “existing source” of carbon emissions. EPA is collecting public comments on its draft “New Source Performance Standards” for greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel power plants. We need to make sure that Plant Washington is subject to these tough new standards. Plant Washington won’t be built if the EPA rule…

Urgent: Tell Rep Workman That We Support Solar!

Mar 26, 2014

_ --- Our efforts to open the Florida solar market have run into a road block, and we need your help! Representative Ritch Workman, Chair of the Finance and Tax Subcommittee, will not allow reform of Florida’s tangible property tax to move forward in his committee, he will not explain why, just will not move the bill forward. Please contact Rep. Workman and ask…

Oppose bill to stop wind power in AL is moving through legislature

Mar 13, 2014

  __ The Alabama State Senate approved a virtual ban on wind energy, and a similar bill has been introduced in the House. Contact your state legislators today and tell them you support clean, renewable, wind energy and want them to fix HB106! Wind farms can and should be built responsibly, but bills currently under debate in the legislature are hasty attempts to stop…

ACT NOW: Stop the attack on solar power in Florida

Mar 7, 2014

  ------- Tell the Florida Public Service Commission: Reject all attacks on rooftop solar in Florida! ---- Florida should be particularly sensitive to the benefits of a clean energy economy and the risks of remaining dependent on dirty fossil fuels. With hundreds of miles of coastline, Florida has already begun to understand the high risks of unchecked climate change through intense storms and sea…

Stop the Attack on Electric Vehicles in Georgia

Feb 27, 2014

__--- Tell Your Representatives to Support Electric Vehicles! Contact your state representatives today and let them know you support electric vehicles in Georgia and oppose HB 257 Substitute to eliminate the tax credit for electric vehicles. Georgia has been leading the way in electric vehicle sales in the US--we currently rank 4th in the U.S. for electric vehicle (EV) ownership. Georgians are benefitting from…

Tell Commissioner Putnam: We’re hungry for more solar

Feb 27, 2014

  ---- Tell Commissioner Putnam: We're hungry for more solar! Florida is our nation's largest untapped solar market and should be a leader in solar power development, and now is the time to unlock its full economic potential. Commissioner Adam Putnam brought the orphaned Florida State Energy office under the Department of Agriculture, because newly elected Governor Rick Scott had no interest in energy…

Voice support for a solar project near you!

Feb 24, 2014

__ --- Voice support for a solar project near you! The Madison County Board of Zoning Appeals (Jackson, TN) will be holding a public meeting at 11:00am on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, to consider approving the development of a 20 MW-dc solar power plant in Denmark, TN. The project needs vocal support from the community. Please take a moment to send a letter to…