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ACTION ALERTS notify our supporters and members of critical “Take Action” steps needed to support clean energy development in the Southeast in order to to combat climate change and push back on high risk energy choices.

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We Need Your Signature on This Petition: No Drilling Off Our Coast!

Jul 22, 2014

---- _ ---Take Action TODAY, Tell the Obama Admin: No Drilling Off Our Coast! _ Starting this summer, the Obama administration will begin deciding whether or not to open the Atlantic coast to the first commercial offshore drilling ever. Without strong citizen intervention, it is likely that commercial leases for offshore drilling could begin as soon as 2017. The administration is currently taking comments…

Show Your Support for Limits on Carbon Pollution

Jul 21, 2014

_ --- Show EPA that you support a proposed rule to limit harmful carbon pollution from power plants: Attend a rally and the EPA hearing in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 29 or submit written comments to EPA today. In June 2014, EPA proposed standards known as the Clean Power Plan to set the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from existing power plants.…

Tell Your Legislators to Strengthen the Coal Ash management Act of 2014!

Jun 18, 2014

_ __ -Take Action TODAY: Tell North Carolina Legislators to Strengthen the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014! _ For years all of Duke Energy’s coal ash dumpsites have been polluting North Carolina’s waters and threatening communities. Prompted by the Dan River disaster, Legislators proposed Senate Bill 729, the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 to address NC’s coal ash problems. While we applaud…

Webinars on Reversing Emissions: Biocarbon Tools in Action in the SE

Jun 6, 2014

We invite you to join us Southeast Biocarbon Webinar Series --- Recent findings of climate scientists show that we must not only stop greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., replace oil, coal, and gas with wind and solar and efficiency) -- we must also begin REMOVING carbon from the atmosphere and putting it someplace safe. Smart forestry, adaptive agriculture, composting, sustainable bioenergy co-producing biochar, and Carbon…

Protect SC’s Waters From Coal Ash: Stop the Pollution Amnesty Act!

Jun 5, 2014

_ __ --- Tell Your State Senators to Oppose the Pollution Amnesty Act! We hoped South Carolina would learn from neighboring disasters in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee that poorly managed coal ash impoundments cause our neighbors tragedy and trauma. The recent Dan River disaster should be a wake-up call for lawmakers to protect our communities and waterways from this toxic pollution. Instead, the…

Show Your Support for Limits on Carbon Pollution

Jun 2, 2014

  _ --- Tell EPA you support the proposed rule to limit harmful carbon pollution from existing power plants! In June 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced carbon pollution standards to set the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) from existing fossil-fueled power plants. Take a minute now to let EPA know you support these limits on carbon pollution! Carbon pollution fuels costly,…

Act Now, Ask Governor Rick Scott: What’s your plan?

May 29, 2014

_ __ --- Fill out this petition now, and ask Governor Rick Scott: What’s your plan for climate change in Florida? In South Florida, human caused climate change isn’t a debate, it’s reality. We have an obligation to our kids and future generations to protect them from danger. Right now industrial carbon pollution is fueling climate change, which threatens our health, is dangerous to…

Protect Net Metering in North Carolina!

May 16, 2014

  _--- Tell the North Carolina Utilities Commission to Protect Net Metering! Solar net metering provides a fair and innovative option for customers interested in diversifying their energy supply and reducing their exposure to rising utility rates. It is a clean energy alternative that provides not only environmental and health benefits to all ratepayers, but also grid benefits – as described in this report…

Deadline Friday for EPA Comments: No More Second Chances for Plant Washington

May 6, 2014

_ __ --- Reminder: Tell EPA that un-built Plant Washington is a dead end, not an “existing source” of carbon emissions. EPA is collecting public comments on its draft “New Source Performance Standards” for greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel power plants. We need to make sure that Plant Washington is subject to these tough new standards. Plant Washington won’t be built if the EPA…

Protect the Savannah River from Plant Vogtle’s Big Thirst

Apr 18, 2014

We invite you to join us for Public Hearing on Plant Vogtle’s Surface Water Withdrawal Permit We invite you to join us Thursday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. Waynesboro, GA The Savannah River, which provides water to well over one million people, is stressed, earning the designation as the country’s fourth most toxic river. With two more water-intensive new nuclear reactors proposed at Plant…