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Advocacy is building support for or opposition against a particular issue. You can advocate for or against an issue to elected leaders, decision makers and even your friends and family.

A wide range of strategies can be used to build support for climate solutions that promote a clean energy economy:

  • Write a letter to the editor – Your local paper is looking for your opinion on an issue that matters to you, and publishing a letter to the editor (LTE) can help educate and mobilize your community in only a few minutes. Click here for hints on writing an LTE and newspaper contact information.
  • Use social networks – Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with friends, family and even strangers. Follow SACE on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook and then use these platforms to educate your friends and followers about the importance of climate and clean energy policies and actions.
  • Learn about your state Public Utility Commission – these are the people who regulate the rates and services provided by utilities including electricity, phones and water. To learn who regulates these essential services in your state, click here.
  • Find your state representative or senator – Knowing who represents you in your state capital, and knowing how to contact them about issues that matter to you, is a key way to ensure your concerns are heard. To find out who your state representative and senator is click here.
  • Contact Congress – Citizens hold power, but your voice will not be heard unless you speak to your elected leaders and let them know what kind of climate and energy policies you want to see. Click here to Write your Rep or Speak to your Senators.
  • Organize an office visit – Elected officials and their staff serve the public and are available to you, their constitutents. A powerful way to send a message is to make an appointment and visit the office of one of your elected leaders to speak about the policies you support. Click here for helpful hints on setting up a meeting with decision makers in your community.
  • Host a clean energy party and educate your friends – Get excited and spread the word about efficiency, renewables and innovative technologies which are saving consumers money and creating new jobs throughout the country! Click here for helpful hints on hosting an energy film party – then take action to make your voice heard!

onlineadvocacy.jpgWhile Congress and the White House are the critical audiences for climate advocacy right now, you can use this information to advocate for clean energy solutions to local officials, state legislators and other community leaders.

SACE’s Advocacy Efforts

For more than 30 years, SACE has promoted responsible energy choices that solve global climate change while ensuring clean, safe and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. In recent years, SACE staff have ensured that our voices are heard as far away as Washington, DC as we advocate for sound energy policy to our region’s Congressional leaders.