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On Climate Change


climate-action-01 Advocate for Climate Action

Global Climate Change will not affect everyone equally. In the Southeastern United States, the primary climate change impacts include drought, flooding, hurricane-force winds and sea-level rise. With thousands of miles of coastline, sensitive ecosystems and economies based largely on agriculture and tourism, the Southeast is arguably the most vulnerable region in the United States to a changing climate. Effective solutions that protect our treasured places, strengthen our economy and ensure healthy communities are essential. Go to Climate Action Initiatives

support-clean-energy-v5-01 Promote Clean Energy

Dirty energy sources like coal and oil have plagued the Southeast for too long. They endanger our health with toxic pollution, cause us to depend on other states and countries, and cause climate change. That’s why we need a massive launch of clean, renewable energy in the Southeast. Go to Clean Energy Initiatives

clean-fuel-update-v3-01 Support Clean Fuels

Clean fuels and alternative transportation options are important components in reducing our global warming pollution and addressing unstable fuel prices. Although the Southeast is heavily dependent onthe automobile, this region is also at the forefront of developing much-needed solutions such as sustainable biofuels. Go to Clean Fuel Initiatives

energy-efficiency-v2-01 Encourage Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency makes economic sense – we can do more with less. Itis the fastest, most cost-effective and least-utilized energy resource at our disposal. But for the Southeast to take full advantage of this opportunity, we must overcome the barriers to energy efficiency: weak regulatory frameworks, pricing structures that rewards utilities for selling more electricity, and economic models that ignore the environmental costs of conventional energy sources. Go to Energy Efficiency Initiatives

highrisk-update-v1-01 Oppose High Risk Energy

High risk energy choices are energy options that contribute to global warming pollution, such as coal-fired power plants, or those that pose threats to public health and safety, such as nuclear power plants. These risky energy choices endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment. Go to High Risk Energy Initiatives