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Oppose High Risk Energy


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What’s the first step to getting out of a hole? Stop digging. Right now our nation is in a big hole, with an economy based on fossil fuels like coal and other high-risk energy sources like nuclear power. For decades, utilities and leaders in the Southeast have devoted their attention to high-risk energy sources, while keeping energy efficiency and renewables on the back burner.

High risk energy choices are energy options that contribute to global warming pollution, such as coal-fired power plants, or those that pose threats to public health and safety, such as nuclear power plants. These risky energy choices endanger our economy, health, security, water resources, and the environment.

We can overcome our energy challenges by investing in our clean energy opportunities. Increasing energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy throughout the Southeast are the safest, cleanest and most fiscally responsible options we have. But we won’t get there by continuing to rely on high-risk energy choices. With limited resources to invest in new energy infrastructure, the Southeast should maximize potential from energy efficiency and renewable energy first. The stakes are too high to squander limited resources and valuable time.