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Promote Clean EnergyOverview

Dirty energy sources like coal and oil have plagued the Southeast for too long. They endanger our health with toxic pollution, cause us to depend on other states and countries, and cause climate change.

That’s why we need a massive launch of clean, renewable energy in the Southeast. For decades, decision makers have overlooked renewable energy. Some utilities and industries have even tried to mislead us into thinking that this region lacks sufficient resources in clean energy. In fact, the Southeast is rich in renewables if we only have the leadership and the policies to set them on a level playing field with conventional energy sources.

Current Initiatives

Advocate for Energy Equity in Georgia Power’s Plan

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 Georgia Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) review process at the Public Service Commission. Thanks to advocacy from an unprecedented range of community members and leadership from Commissioners McDonald, Everett, and Echols, Georgia will be getting a whole lot more solar energy in the next three years. Please read our blog re-capping the outcome of the…

Tell Raleigh: Clean Energy Means Good Jobs for NC

North Carolina is a leader in clean energy job development thanks in part to the 2007 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. Let's make sure we stay that way! Tell our Governor and elected officials in Raleigh we want to continue growing North Carolina's clean energy economy. A recent study showed that in 2012, North Carolina's clean energy sector provided 15,200 full-time equivalent clean energy jobs…

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are some of the most frequently read pages of any newspaper. Your local paper is looking for your opinion and publishing a Letter to the Editor can help educate and mobilize your community in just a few minutes. For the best chance of having your letter published you should: pick a topic you are passionate about provide a personal angle…

Get Involved in Georgia’s Pine 2 Energy Coalition

The Pine 2 Energy Coalition (P2E) is a partnership of a diverse group of stakeholders including forest landowners, energy producers, conservation organizations,government agencies and academic institutions.The mission of P2E is to increase the development of a pine biomass to energy industry, decrease the nation's dependence on imported energy resources,improve the environment, and stimulate the region's economy, with a focus on rural areas. Georgia currently…