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The transportation sector, our cars and trucks, is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (electricity is #1) in the United States (U.S.). Today, transportation is the second highest expense for most Americans, behind housing. The U.S. uses 13 million barrels of oil a day (or $1 billion/day) for transportation. To reduce emissions from this sector will require the development and use of cleaner fuels and vehicles, greater fuel efficiency, as well as changes in development and our patterns of travel.

Although the Southeast is heavily dependent on the automobile, this region is also at the forefront of developing much-needed solutions such as electric vehicles and sustainable, advanced biofuels. Expansion of electric vehicles will help cut U.S. oil use, reduce greenhouse gases, lower consumer costs and build a strong, clean energy economy.

Electrics vehicles (EVs) are powered by electricity that is stored is the car’s battery. The most common EVs on the market today are the Nissan Leaf (all-electric) and the Chevrolet Volt (plug-in hybrid electric), but numerous new EVs are entering the market. Key elements to grow this market and further reduce our oil use are: reducing the weight of the vehicle (often referred to as “lightweighting”), increasing battery storage and improving aerodynamics.

Advanced biofuels from switchgrass and other crops and biodiesel can also help displace petroleum oil use in the U.S. However, the types of feedstocks that are used, the method of harvesting and the associated greenhouse gas reduction benefits vary.

Current Initiatives

Protect the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit in Georgia

Contact your state senator using this form now, and let them know that you support electric vehicles in Georgia and urge the reconsideration of HB 257 that would end Georgia‚Äôs Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit. Georgia has been leading the way in electric vehicle (EV) sales in the US--we currently rank 4th in the U.S. for electric vehicle ownership. Georgians are benefitting from…

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are some of the most frequently read pages of any newspaper. Your local paper is looking for your opinion and publishing a Letter to the Editor can help educate and mobilize your community in just a few minutes. For the best chance of having your letter published you should: pick a topic you are passionate about provide a personal angle…

Support Clean Construction

Constructing a healther future: Support Clean Construction Have you ever noticed the thick smoke billowing from an older bus or tractor trailer, or passed near a construction zone and been faced with a huge whiff of dirty exhaust? Diesel exhaust contains over 450 different compounds, including dozens of known or suspected carcinogens. Diesel emissions are also a significant contributor to climate change, since they…

Urge Congress to Dump Dirty Fuels

High gas prices are driving the search for cheaper alternatives, but energy companies and some in Congress are focusing their attention on dirty unconventional oil sources. Many see sources like tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal as a solution to high gas prices and our dependence on foreign oil. But these dirty fuel sources are risky investments that create more global warming pollution,…